1, How many molds could you make every month? 


2, How about the largest mold you ever made? 

1000L Bucket.  Core:2230*2130*1650mm,7.84CBM,20500KG.  Cavity:2030*1970*1600,6.4CBM,22500KG

3, How long did you need for quotation? 

Exact quotation will be within24 hours once we get sufficient information from customer. 

4, What do you need for quotation? 

For primiary quotation,pictures with dimension is ok.For details,need 2D product drawing or 3D file, and mold specification, or sample with detailed explanation with mold spec. 

5, How long for the injection mold building? 

Usually 4-6 weeks, it depends on mold size and structure complexity. 

6, How about the steel you usually use? 

It is customized.We use steel of P20, 718H, NAK80, 1.2311,1.2344, H13,8407,S136 and SKD61. They are all from famous suppliers, such as LKM,ASSAB. 

7, What about the tolerance? 

Mold tolerance 0.005mm, Product tolerance 0.02mm. 

8, Could you make Double color injection mold? 


9, Could you make IML,IMD injection mold? 


10, Could you make over molding injection mold?