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Anti-Rust Solution For Stool Mould

In the process of using molds, mold rust is a relatively easy phenomenon, which not only affects the appearance of the mold but also directly affects the quality of the mold.

Reasons for mold rust:

1.Plastic residue on the surface of the mold will cause the mold to rust. Residues from the decomposition of gases and materials are most likely to corrode the mold. Chrome plating can be carried out in the shallow part of the cavity, but it cannot completely solve the problem of rust in the deep part.

2.The mold is wet. Moisture in the air will produce water droplets on the surface of the mold and rust.

3.During use, the operator's hand sweat still exists.

Mold anti-rust solution:

short term:

Wipe the surface of the cavity with a cloth.

Dry the material fully and reduce the temperature of the barrel to prevent the material from decomposing.

When the mold is not in use temporarily, spray an anti-rust agent on the mold cavity, and then close the mold.


Since the decomposition products have a corrosive effect on the mold, if the raw material cannot be replaced, the mold should be chrome-plated.

When the mold is not used for a long time, apply butter to the outside of the mold and movable parts.

According to our Stool Mould manufacturing experience, the above are some of our methods to deal with mold corrosion. We can also provide you with production line solutions.