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Automotive Mould Has Many Advantages

  When the plastic melt is thermally stable, the need to re-grind the runner can be completely eliminated by using a runner-less mold. A common type is the hot runner mold. In this Automotive mold, plastic is injected into the insulating runner plate, which is kept slightly above the melt temperature by a set of individual electric cartridge heaters, and then enters each mold through the runner channel and the insulating nozzle. Cavity. In fact, this is a no-runner operation because there is no runner-back material. The hot runner plate is insulated by the air gap.

  Due to the elimination of sprue and runner return material, Automotive mold has many advantages. There is no material loss or pollution in re-grinding, and there is no additional cost for car companies to mix re-grinding with virgin resin. Due to the use of recycled materials, the polymer will not degrade, especially in terms of optical and electrical properties. Re-grinding or melting and cooling re-grinding will not waste energy. Effectively increase the injection volume and reduce the required mold opening stroke. When the cold runner is ejected, it is easy to get stuck on other mold parts, and this problem is eliminated. The filling of the Automotive mold is faster and it is easier to balance the flow to the cavity.

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