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Below you can view what you posted

  As the basic process equipment of the automobile industry, and an Automotive mold is an indispensable tool for automobile parts forming. And auto parts play a decisive role in the quality of the whole vehicle, so Automotive mold determines the quality of auto parts. Therefore, the review of the Automotive mold needs to be very strict. However, there is currently no scientific and effective general-purpose auxiliary tool to support mold review. Therefore, the mold review at this stage is still an urgent problem for many automobile manufacturing industries.

  The precision of Automotive mold

  As far as accuracy is concerned, mold review relies to a large extent on the experience and knowledge of the engineer. The experience of each mold engineer is different, especially for new employees, which requires a process of accumulation of experience. In addition, different automotive mold engineers use different basic information and methods in the review process, so the accuracy of mold review cannot be unified.

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