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Buy Stool Mould From China

Taizhou Huangyan is the largest mold city in China. We have advanced mold machines for various plastic injection molds. SHINE Mould Company is a leading chair mould company that has produced baby chairs, beach chairs, folding chairs, Stool Mould , etc.

For most chair molds, the core and cavity steel is P20 or 718H; the plastic material is PP, and the cold runner is directly taper. For the PC transparent chair, it will be used with the hot runner system. For a folding chair, it has at least 2 chair parts-seat and backrest. We can design these two parts in a 1 + 1 cavity of a family mold to save your investment cost. The ejection system of the chair mould-through the thimble. From the confirmation of the final mold design, we can manufacture T1 chair molds within 55-65 days according to different chair designs.

We not only provide you with mold manufacturing, but also injection molding machines can help you mass produce chairs. If you don't have an injection machine in your workshop, or you need a chair in a short time, you can consider our mass production service.