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Daily Trash Can Mould And Garbage Classification

Daily Use Garbage Bin Mould is an important tool for efficient production of trash can moulds, so what are the methods of using trash can moulds? Have you learned the recent popular garbage sorting?
What is the correct way to use sorted trash bins? Sorted trash bins have been in use for several years, and everyone has seen them on the streets. Many cities have many pilot projects for waste sorting, using the more common three-sorting method to recycle waste, non-recyclable waste and toxic substances.
(1) Recyclable garbage. Refers to waste suitable for recycling and resource utilization. Mainly include: 1. Paper. Text paper, packaging paper and other paper products that are not seriously contaminated; 2. Plastic. Plastic products such as waste container plastic and packaging plastic; 3. Metal. Various types of scrap metal items. Such as cans, tin cans, lead toothpaste skins, etc.; 4. Glass. Colored and colorless waste glass products; 5. Fabrics. Old textile clothes and textile products.
(2) Unrecyclable garbage. Refers to garbage other than recyclable garbage. If the skin, vegetable leaves, leftovers, flowers, branches and leaves, etc.
(3) Toxic substances. Such as waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, mercury thermometers, etc.
So while using the daily trash cans is convenient, don't forget to sort them out. Let us contribute to environmental protection.