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Here are some key points of Crate Mould

  Plastic folding crates have a wide range of uses in daily life, and more and more companies and individuals choose to use them to store or transport various items. Xuan Han mold specializes in manufacturing various types of Crate Mould, including fruit boxes, thin-walled boxes, vegetable boxes, bread boxes, milk boxes, bottle boxes, etc. Not only that, but we can also help you with the production line of folding boxes-the establishment of custom-designed injection molding production lines.

  Here are some key points of Crate Mould:

  1. Material and die steel

  When the crate material is PP, it is recommended to use 2738 as the mold steel material. It has a uniform hardness, excellent processing, and polishing performance, and the made crate is more durable. In addition, P20, DIN1.2316, 718H, S136, and other steels are also available.

  2. Interchangeable design

  For various types of Crate Mould, we provide interchangeable designs based on their characteristics, such as high interchangeability, weight interchangeability, grid interchangeability, and handle interchangeability to help customers reduce mold costs.

  3. Hot runner system

  We use different valve gate hot runner systems and manifold designs for different cavities to achieve injection balance.

  4. Cooling system

  Adding Becu to local steel can achieve the best cooling effect and greatly shorten the molding cycle.

  Dustbin Mould is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.