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How to Improve Automotive Mould?



How to Improve Automotive Mould?

It’s complicated to improve Automotive mold life consistency, as it depends on many factors. Such as mold design, hot runner quality, the cooling effect of mold steel, runner quality. A mold with short life and insufficient preciseness affects the quality of the part. It also proves huge material damage and labor waste.

During the injection molding procedure, some plastic can decompose. This plastic can release corrosion gases. It also becomes a cause of mold damage and corrosion. Injection mold is the main tool. Mold quality and proper working have great effects on the finished part. It determines the quality of your final parts. But due to excessive wear of the mold, your mold can’t fulfill the standard of quality. It may damage or its shape, surface finish, or accuracy have inferior quality standards. It causes flashing and your mold may damage or fail due to severe flashing. By improving mold life, you can also improve tool productivity. It also can reduce the cost of plastic parts.

What Is Meant By Injection Mold Life?
Injection mold tool life refers to the molding cycle that a mold can perform. Total numbers of molding cycles before its failure consider the service life of the mold. Approximately a mold service life is over 30,000 cycles. After mold life, it needs to replace mold. This is the reason molding companies are offering services for a lifetime of mold.

High-quality mold can use after its lifetime guarantee. But it has to need some craftsmanship and maintenance. P20 steel mold life guarantee is over 300,000 molding cycles. H3 steel mold life expects at least 500,000 mold cycles. For sourcing, make sure that you’re choosing the best mold makers. They’re providing well-made tools to you.

What Factors Are Involved In Mold Life Consistency/Improvement?
There are various methods that a molder adopts for surface finishing and machining. It has a great impact on mold life and the quality of products. You may face stress concentration in the molding operation. When mold has sharp corners, inappropriate cutting, or has a small fillet radius.

Many factors involve in mold life consistency and affect the lifespan of mold. Some are the following:

Cycle time & Material
Slow cycle time will be helpful for longer mold life. Mold design and design flexibility can affect the length of your cycle time. Mold material plays a major role in increasing mold life and mold quality. As mold made with steel material is more durable and harder than other materials. Check slide slots for grease and working. Inspect the sign of wear, metal shaving, and burrs. The slide’s position should be correct. Aluminum doesn’t recommend as a good material for the longevity of an injection mold.

Time & Mold Maintenance
The lifespan of mold will be short if it uses less time between runs. It means it doesn’t need full mold maintenance and repair. Mold condition and maintenance also affect the lifespan of mold. Which environment you’re using the mold, it’s also crucial for mold recovery and life. Proper mold maintenance is necessary, and it needs cleaning and stripping. You should set a regular maintenance schedule. Keep records of all services and repairs. Tool modification provides by molders may also be helpful for extending mold life.

Operational mistakes can be harmful to the injection mold life cycle. So a careful operating system should follow. Change or replace the worn parts and grease the parts when they’re becoming noisy. Water lines may create some problems. You should blow down the water lines when you need to pull the mold from the press. Usage of mold safety settings will have a positive effect on mold life expectancy.