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How To Install And Disassemble Drawer Mold Products

The design of the Drawer Mould seems simple, but in fact, it is not easy to make a complete drawer product. In addition to passing the design barrier, the ability to assemble and disassemble a complete product is a critical and important step. First, how to install the drawer guide:
1. Drawer rail installation First determine which drawer rail to use. Generally, three hidden rails are used. Please determine the length of your drawer and the depth of the counter according to certain data, and choose the corresponding size to install on the drawer.
2. Secondly, assemble the five boards of the drawer, screw on the screws, and the drawer panel has a card slot. After processing, place the drawer on the installed drawer, let the adjustment nail holes match, and then lock the nails. Push in and lock the drawer and guide rail.
3. Finally, to install the cabinet, you need to screw the screws on the plastic holes on the side panels of the cabinet, and then install the rails removed from the top. One rail is fixed with two small screws one after the other. Both sides of the cabinet must be installed and fixed.
Then, we may carry out disassembly and cleaning, then the method of removing the drawer guide: first pull out the drawer, then remove the screws fixed on the slide rail on the side of the drawer, the drawer and the slide rail are separated after the screws are removed, and then Then remove the slide rails on the cabinet in the same way. The removal of the drawer slide is easier than installation.
If the removed slide rails of the drawer are not damaged and you can continue to use them, then pack the slide rails and screws and other accessories and use them in other places. When disassembling, be careful not to use excessive force to damage the drawer.