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How to make a barrel mold



How to make a barrel mold

Plastic bucket mold is one of our most important injection molds. In order to produce high-quality bucket molds, we must pay attention to the details of many links, the most important of which are the following three points:
1. Bucket mold design and structure. High-quality mold structure is the premise of qualified plastic bucket mold.
2. Bucket mold material. In order to improve mold life and product quality, we increase the hardness of mold steel through heat treatment.
3. Bucket mold cooling system. The design of the cooling system is a tedious task, that is, it is necessary to consider the uniformity and cooling effect of the cooling, as well as the impact on the overall mold structure, to determine the exact location and size of the cooling system.
Maintenance of the bucket mold is very important. We should check to make sure the water channel and air circuit are unlocked.