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How to produce molds?



How to produce molds?

The first step in producing a pitcher mold is to cut the circuit board to the exact size needed. Once the walls are cut and painted, they act as little boards to pour the plaster inside.
Once the board is in place, the 3D print is placed into the mold, and clay is deposited at the midpoint of the mold walls. Apply the inner layer of the mold to the surface of the print. The inner layer consists of gypsum impregnated with graphite.
After applying the first layer, pour it on top of the board with 100% gypsum as a support for the graphite layer. Once the first layer has set and the gypsum has undergone an endothermic reaction, the mold is turned over, the clay is peeled off, and the layering process of graphite gypsum and regular gypsum is repeated.