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How to use plastic molds?



How to use plastic molds?

Flower pot mold is a major item in garden products. We can provide different plastic flower pot moulds, such as modern flower pot mould, square flower pot mould, round flower pot mould, plastic hanging pot mould, plastic open pot mould, plastic flower pot mould.

Use existing models or parts. Since plastic is essentially a replication material, there must always be a shape, except in special circumstances. Use existing shapes as much as possible, such as models or prototype parts, and copy that shape in plastic.

Use fillers in plastic flow tank tool materials. In the case where larger quality plastics are required and strength is not important, fillers can increase the output of relatively expensive plastic materials. Large flat tool area for pots. By potting the surface from the surface plate to the pad, rib or the entire continuous surface, slow and expensive processing of large areas can be eliminated.