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Mold maintenance and research



Mold maintenance and research

In order to make the dustbin mold smoother and more efficient, we also need to maintain it. Since the trash can molds are used at different stages, we cannot maintain all the trash can molds immediately. Some of them only take a few weeks per year.

Mold cleaning is a key process of mold maintenance, and it is also a bottleneck restricting mold maintenance. Because the speed of mold manufacturing and development is much faster than the speed of mold cleaning, and the quickly cleaned mold is ready for the next production, the time left for mold cleaning is quite limited.

Due to its high productivity, efficiency and manufacturability, injection molding is a popular method for manufacturing plastic products. The mould is designed with special inserts. Selective laser melting 3D printing has been used to manufacture inserts with conformal cooling channels inside.

Rapid tooling technology is being developed and proven to be a reliable method that can compete with subtractive technology for tooling. Although people are looking for affordable alternatives to avoid the use of tools, in most cases, rapid manufacturing is an alternative method.