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Mold making



Mold making

Mold design is the most important step in making good plastic chair molds, reasonable mold structure, suitable ejection system, injection molding system, cooling system, exhaust system, and guiding system.
A chair is made up of many parts, and to create a perfect, high-quality chair, they must be well textured/polished and have smooth pop marks, parting lines, and zero sharp edges. Therefore, every detail must be taken care of.
Chairs are often used in dining and leisure areas, and plastic chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture. and welcomed by modern consumers. But now people are asking for more than just durability. Nowadays, more and more people demand both beauty and practicality, and some even want to change the shape.
We need to choose the right steel and the most suitable mould technology, using large CNC milling machines and moulding presses. And the chair mold assembly must be very careful, checking the connection of each template.Good technician hand-polished or hard chromed to keep the chair shiny for a long time. Intermediate treatment: quenching to increase hardness.