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Pallet Mould Is Booming

  Pallet, also known as logistics turnover box, is widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics, and other industries. It is resistant to acid and alkali, oil stains, non-toxic and odorless, and can be used to hold food, etc., easy to clean, easy to turn over and stack parts Neat and easy to manage. It is suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing, and other links to factory logistics.

  1. The pallet is made of co-polypropylene and polyethylene, with lightweight and long service life.

  2. The outer size of the pallet refers to the maximum size of the pallet with a cover.

  3. The load-bearing of the pallet refers to the evenly placed load-bearing within the range of adapting to the ambient temperature.

  4. The effective working temperature of the pallet is -25℃-40℃.

  5. Pallets can be stacked and stored to save space.

  The logistics industry is booming, and the demand for pallets blows to. Pallet mould must be used to produce pallets. Welcome to inquire about pallet mould.