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Precautions For Plastic Mould Exhausted

  The parting surface of plastic mould is where the mold gas is discharged. If the parting surface is flat, use grinding. The parting surface after grinding fits very well. The gas in the cavity should not be exhausted. An exhaust groove must be opened with one side of the cavity.

  If the parting surface is curved or inclined, the exhaust can be directly exhausted due to the accuracy of the processing, and there is no need to process the exhaust groove on the plastic mould parting surface.

  The exhaust groove of plastic mould is usually set in two stages. The primary exhaust groove is mainly made of airtight plastic and only exhausts air, while the secondary exhaust groove is often relatively deep to facilitate the rapid exhaust of gas.

  The exhaust slot of plastic mould should be cleaned regularly

  Many plastics, after injection molding, tend to leave a small amount of residue on the surface of the exhaust groove of the plastic mould, similar to plastic powder. When the time is long, over time, these residues will block the mold exhaust groove, making it difficult to exhaust gas. Therefore, the exhaust slot of plastic mould should be cleaned in time.

  The exhaust groove of the mold is easier to clean on the parting surface and can be wiped off directly. The exhaust grooves on the surface of the putter or the inclined roof are also easier to clean, and they are often cleaned out due to their movement. The exhaust slot is more difficult to clean and also easier to ignore is the exhaust slot for immovable parts between the inserts, which must be removed regularly for cleaning.

  The above is an introduction to the precautions for plastic mould exhaust. I believe you have already understood it here. If you have any other questions, please pay attention to our official website or call for a consultation.