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Professional Crate Mould Manufacturer

For crate molds, SHINE has many years of production experience, especially in fruit and vegetable box molds, bread box molds, crate molds, bottle crate molds, foldable crate molds, etc.

Most mold suppliers in China are trying to produce high-quality molds for plastic packaging boxes and provide them to customers. Every year, SHINE exports more than 100 kinds of plastic box molds to foreign markets.

Plastic box molds are the simplest and most commonly used products of SHINE. We have our own mold manufacturing standards, as well as our own professional R&D team and design team, which can achieve the first trial success.

For hot runners with different structures, we have our own unique suggestions. For example, a plastic crate mold with a cavity has a simple structure. For the 2-cavity, 4-cavity plastic turnover box mold, we use double-sided hot runners.

At the same time, to shorten the production cycle of plastic turnover box molds, we also specialize in the production of standard shapes, so we can not only guarantee the quality of plastic packaging box molds but also save the production cycle of molds. In addition to accessories, we also prepare some necessary Mold components,

because we have many orders for plastic turnover box molds every month.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of Crate Mould, please do not hesitate. Contact and visit us!