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Provide You With The Best Drawer Mould

  Our main business scope

  1) Household molds: plastic chairs, tables, Bucket Mould, laundry baskets, trash cans, kitchenware, Drawer Mould, plastic sanitary ware molds, plastic container molds, etc.

  2) Industrial molds: pallet molds, crate molds, paint container molds, plastic industrial parts molds, plastic trash can molds, etc.

  3) Thin-walled molds: thin-walled cups, thin-walled tableware, etc.

  4) Pipe fitting mold: PPR pipe fittings, PE, PVC pipe fittings.

  5) Packaging molds: blowing molds, pet bottle molds, bottle cap molds, etc.

  6) Other molds: syringe molds, medical plastic molds, other OEM molds

  Our advantage

  Professional plastic mold manufacturer

  Export to many countries

  Detailed production plan

  On-time delivery

  Good after-sales service

  Provide you with email, phone, or fax reply-time

  Supply quotation and mold design in time

  Timely communication on technical points

  Send the picture of the mold processing progress and mold finishing schedule time

  Mold test and sample delivery time