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The Main Classification Of Cabinet Mould

With the development of the times, the meaning of cabinets has gradually enriched. Here, they are divided into two categories, one is general cabinets, and the other is overall cabinets. And we are a complete solution supplier for Cabinet Moulds. The cabinet components mentioned below can be customized for you.
The overall cabinet refers to a combination of kitchen cabinets consisting of kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen functional appliances, so it is called an overall cabinet.
A general cabinet is a cabinet composed of basic materials such as cabinet body, door panel, countertop, hinge, and drawer, which are divided into wall cabinets, floor cabinets, and countertops.
To put it simply, you can’t cook just by buying a cupboard, because a cupboard is a cupboard for kitchen utensils. It is called a whole cupboard when it is equipped with a hood, stove, water, pots, pots and other utensils. .