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The Relationship Between Armchair Mould And Round Hole

I think mold is a tool that can turn imagination and design into reality, because the plasticity of plastic is really great, let's talk about Armchair Moulds here. What is an armchair?
As the name implies, an armchair is a general term for back chairs with armrests. Except for armchairs and top chairs, the rest are called armchairs. Simply put, chairs with armrests are usually called armchairs.
There are many colorful chair molds on the market. They all share some interesting things in common. For example, chairs without armrests usually have a small round hole in the middle, and why must they be prototypes? For example, common plastic chairs are hollowed out instead of solid like plates, etc. I think, careful, you should have discovered these details a long time ago. Here we will reveal these "little secrets".
After inquiring the relevant information, we found that these holes are inseparable from its production method and process. With such a hole, it will be very easy to demold the process. In addition, when the chairs are stacked, if there are no holes, a closed space will be formed, which is very inconvenient when opened. Finally, with this hole, you can easily hook it up with your fingers, which is very convenient. Then the previous question said the reason for using round holes. First of all, it is inconvenient to open a square hole, and the force on a round hole is very uniform.
If a chair is a large-area hollow design, in addition to being beautiful, I think it is more about saving materials while ensuring durability.
The above are the interesting concerns about the armchair mould. If you want to know the professional parameters of the product or learn more, welcome to visit our official website and look forward to your letter.