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Understand The Plastic Mold, Walk Into Shine Mould

Plastic Mould is an abbreviation for a combined mold for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection, blow molding and low foam molding. A series of plastic parts with different shapes and different sizes can be processed by the coordinated changes of the mold convex and concave molds and the auxiliary molding system. Plastic molds are the mother of industry, and new product releases involve plastics.
TAIZHOU HUANGYAN SHINE MOULD CO., LTD. is one of the leading suppliers of Chinese plastic mould in the southeast of China. Founded in 1996 until today, SHINE MOULD always adheres to the strategy of brand globalization. With 21 years of devotion, we are committed to the integrated plastic mould OEM solution. Rich manufacturing experience provides a strong technical background. Excellent human resource reserve lays a solid foundation for comprehensive brand service. SHINE MOULD focuses on the manufacturing of the Household moulds, Plastic Furniture moulds, Thin-wall moulds, Automotive moulds and Pipe Fittings moulds, etc.

From 1996 to 2017, SHINE MOULD has a great achievement in plastic mould R&D and manufacturing. Meanwhile, the factory covers 20,0002 building areas. With more than 200 employees including 95 middle/high administrators and senior technicians. Every year we invest funds on research and development for SHINE'S HOT RUNNER SYSTEME. We have invested more than 10M USD of the various plastic mould tooling machining equipment. In 2010 SHINE MOULD has carried out quality management according to TS16949. Based on this management standard, SHINE MOULD improved the quality management system, such as process management, technology and still training, quality controlling for plastic mould as well as mould design.

Till now, SHINE MOULD has serviced for more than 30 countries and areas at home and abroad. We provide customers with technical support, after- service, and so on.

SHINE MOULD always adheres to the concept of FAST MANUFACTURE, LONG-LIVED MOULD, and ON-TIME DELIVERY. To create the values for customers. SHINE Mould is a responsible mold manufacturer, making SHINE Mould continues to develop, keeping the biggest responsibilities to the customer, considering the customer's willing. Doing what customer needs. Our aim is to give our customers a high-quality mould, outstanding service, profitable growth and one full complete mould solution.