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Use high technology to increase productivity and economy



Use high technology to increase productivity and economy

A series of equipment and materials enable moldmakers to produce packaging tool systems that combine product performance with process economy. From new grades of metal to the use of high-speed machining centers and components that provide flexible production capabilities, moldmakers are paying attention to these products to squeeze every penny from a market with low profit margins and constant pressure.

The main goal of striving to improve the efficiency and economics of packaging molds includes reducing the time required to build tools and engineering molds in order to increase productivity. It is also important to minimize or eliminate mold post-processing of the product. Mold makers are achieving this goal by increasing the use of in-mold finishing and assembly operations and design optimization process automation molds.

The ability to build packaging molds that produce high-quality parts at low cost is the key to the competitiveness and profitability of North American mold manufacturers and processors. The use of manufacturing and component innovations to accelerate tool manufacturing and ensure rapid cycles and repeatability in the machining process will enable moldmakers to increase their business and profits in this cost-sensitive market.