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What Is An Injection Mold?

The use of Injection Moulds, that is, processed plastic products, including home appliances, instrumentation, construction equipment, automotive industry, daily hardware, etc. With the advancement of science and technology, the proportion of plastic products has increased rapidly. Reasonable design of plastic products will often replace the previous metal parts. The plasticization trend of industrial products and daily necessities continues to rise.
What is an injection mold? What are the characteristics? General definition of mold: In industrial production, a tool for processing plastic products is generally installed on an injection molding machine, and a plastic part or product in a desired shape is manufactured by pressure, and the tool is collectively called an injection mold. The mold is an indispensable tool for producing plastic products.
Injection mold is the most commonly used method in plastic processing: this method is applicable to many plastic raw materials, such as hard plastic steel materials, abs, nylon materials, polypropylene pp and other raw materials. The quantity of plastic products manufactured is unmatched by other molding methods and is one of the main tools for injection molding processing. The quality of plastic products manufactured by injection molding molds is very high, which is welcomed by the manufacturing industry.
The injection mold is mainly composed of several systems such as a molding device, a positioning device, a fixing device, a cooling system, a constant temperature system, a flow channel system, and an ejection system. Several large systems of injection molds need to be designed reasonably. They are designed according to the characteristics and requirements of the product. The structure and appearance of the product are different. On the premise of ensuring quality, the material and assembly structure of the mold are designed to be simple, easy to process, and low cost. Principle, reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality.
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