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Why Choose Chair Mould

Here is the Chair Mould. The chair mold materials we produce mainly include: NAK80, S136, H13, 718H, P20, etc.; in addition, the plastic materials include: PP, PC, PS, POM, PE, PU, ​​PVC, ABS, PMMA etc. Due to the variety of products we produce, I think you are very likely to choose the right product. Here are some reasons for choosing plastic chairs:
1. The shape of the plastic stool is changeable: plastic is a relatively easy-to-obtain raw material, and plastic is also very good in shaping. During the shaping process, only the raw material needs to be heated (the temperature is not too high), and then cooled A series of subsequent work such as polishing can be completed. Then there are many different shapes of plastic stools, and you must have seen them in shopping malls.
2. Plastic stools are rich in colors: the colors of plastic stools are even more diverse. As long as humans can make colors, they can be used on plastic stools. Plastic stools are often used by children. This rich color is also one of the reasons that attract children's attention. Plastic stools with colorful colors will definitely bring a lot of fun to our lives.
3. The price of plastic stools is cheap: When it comes to the price of plastic stools, there are two ways for us to choose. One is wholesale. If you need to buy a lot of plastic stools, such as in the catering industry, you can choose the wholesale method, which is relatively simple; if it is for household use, it is more expensive to go to the mall to buy alone. If you choose a higher quality The good plastic stool will be more expensive.
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