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Come Here To Personalize Household Molds

We are a professional plastic mold supplier, committed to providing customers with high-quality molds, excellent service, considerable growth and a complete set of mold solutions. We mainly produce household moulds, plastic furniture moulds, thin-wall moulds, automobile moulds and pipe fitting moulds. Today we will talk about Household Molds. When it comes to household molds, the range is relatively wide. We have armchair molds, chair molds, armchair-free molds, laundry basket molds, basket molds, drawer molds, cabinet molds, children's toy molds, household trash can molds, Stool molds, living box molds, bucket molds, flower pot molds, water tank molds, etc. In addition, we can also customize molds that are not currently available but are required by customers, which shows that our scope of responsibility is focused and broad.
We believe that the quality of the product is probably the most important thing users care about besides their favorite items. Since it is the manufacture of household molds, we are more concerned about health and safety than other industrial molds. The mold materials we use are: NAK80, S136, H13, 718H, P20, etc. In addition, plastic materials are: PP, PC, PS, POM, PE, PU, ​​PVC, ABS, PMMA, etc. It can be seen that the range of choices is wide, so basically most molds can meet the material requirements. For example, food-grade materials are used for food utensils, and furniture and utensils are more focused on durability, and more compression-resistant materials will be selected. But in any case, our products will not be produced under industry standards. In addition, in terms of quality, you can rest assured that we have invested more than 10 million US dollars in various plastic mold processing equipment and currently have 130 employees, including intermediate There are 60 engineers and 35 senior engineers. So far, we have provided services to more than 30 countries and regions. Therefore, we attach great importance to equipment and technology, as well as product innovation, hoping that products can benefit more countries or regions in need.
The above is the introduction to household molds, if you are interested, welcome to consult and order!